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Remco Evenepoel loses 24 minutes: "But I want to finish the gyro" |  Jiro

Remco Evenepoel loses 24 minutes: “But I want to finish the gyro” | Jiro

Remco Evenepoel (21) could also forget his ambitions in the top 10 on tour Italy. On the (shortened) Queen stage to Cortina d’Ampezzo, he’s completely fallen through the ice. He finished the race at 24’05 “behind stage winner and leader Egan Bernal, and we took that into account.”

After Monty Zonkolan last Saturday, Rymco Evenbueil had to gradually cross the podium, but newcomer Deckonink-Kwikstep wanted to fight for 10th place.

He started this very difficult stage in seventh place and thought before the start that Dolomite Cols should suit him better, but that was not the case.

40 kilometers from the end, Evinbol disappeared from Peloton, arriving at Cortina d’Ampezzo 24 minutes after Ejan Bernal in 58th place. In the standings, he returned to 19th place at 28’07.

On Tuesday, Evenepoel can relax for a day during Rest Day, but maybe Deceuninck-Quick Step will decide to quit Giro.

Team manager Patrick Lefevre has said several times that they would derail Evinpool if they noticed his tank was empty.

“We knew it would happen, so there is no shame.”

“I never expected myself, I was always dreaming,” Remco Evenepoel opened his speech in Cortina d’Ampezzo with a pinch.

“We knew this was going to happen. No shame, hey. Someone who trained for only 2 months couldn’t expect it to be 3 weeks higher. We took that into account. Tomorrow I would totally enjoy the rest day.”

“I feel like it’s getting smaller every day. Today is just over when it had to be done. It’s part of the learning process and I’m going to do it next year.”

Is there a problem with the air? “It’s not over. I’m planning to finish the Giro anyway,” Evenepoel appears determined.

“It’s just a buildup of efforts over the past week. It might have been too much on my body at the moment. We knew it could happen.”

I feel it is getting less and less every day. The day is completely gone when it had to be done. It’s a learning process and I’m going to take it with me to next year.

Remco Evenepoel (Deceuninck-Quick Step)

“Working for Almeida: I would be happy to take on this role”

Will Remco Evenepoel try anything in the coming days? Do you take days off and then go on strike somewhere?

“I’m in half an hour and there is some play, but I have to wait for the feeling first. If I’m tired at first, it doesn’t make sense.”

“If I can take it easy for a few days now and pick a ride, that is possible. But now Joao Almeida is in number ten. He worked with me and I would be happy to take on that role.”

“We knew the gyro could go in all directions, with me and with Joao. I had a whole day off and that was not a shame. Now I’m looking forward and trying to get this gero to a successful conclusion.”

Evenbuell, who saw his parents along the track today, concluded, “I especially want to get out well here. Don’t do it if you go over the limit. That’s the tactic of the following days.” “It will be a good hug tonight.”

Evenepoel reaches the end:

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