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Remer explains Anderlecht's sudden and complete collapse: 'This has nothing to do with the atmosphere of the stadium' - Football News

Remer explains Anderlecht’s sudden and complete collapse: ‘This has nothing to do with the atmosphere of the stadium’ – Football News

Brian Rimmer couldn’t believe his eyes. In nine minutes, Anderlecht had completely surrendered a 0-2 lead, and never recovered. The coach was not nice to his players.

Rimmer lost for Anderlecht for the first time since the day of the opening match in Union. But this defeat was even more painful, because his team is there and you must never give up that double lead. “Psychology is a crazy thing,” Reimer said afterward.

“We scored 0-3 and the goal was disallowed after that. If this continues, it will be completely over. But suddenly the dynamics of the match changed. Be careful, this is definitely not a reason to lose, but they regained their confidence. These type of players’ stages decide football matches. However, we must mainly look at ourselves. This should never happen!”

A learning moment, because going back is no longer possible

But how can you suddenly concede three goals in 9 minutes? “If you score goals in such quick succession, it will have an impact on the mental state of the players. This is a huge disappointment. You have to learn from this, because going back is no longer possible.”

“I have already warned them that they have to maintain their concentration when things are going well. This is dangerous. In this case we have to make sure that such a loss of concentration is not possible. We lost the game in nine minutes. This has a negative impact on the atmosphere.” . Nothing needs to be done, because we have players who have already played bigger matches. “I’ve already encountered this.”

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