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"Rendez-vous" singer Emma Hesters admits: "I cheated a lot" |  Showbiz

“Rendez-vous” singer Emma Hesters admits: “I cheated a lot” | Showbiz

“I don't think I've ever been in person with you guys before. But I think it's important to know what the song is about,” Hesters says in the message. “For me it's about an old relationship in which I cheated a lot.”

Her new song “Hate Me,” among other things, talks about the fact that she realizes that her then-partner hates her. “I hate that part of myself so much that I ever did that. When I see where I am in life now, I don't even understand how it occurred to me to do that.

It is not known what relationship Hesters is talking about. The Dutch singer is now in a relationship with footballer Wesley Hoedt. The couple separated for some time last year. At the break, there were stories going around about Wesley Hoedt possibly cheating for a long time. Hodt denies having affairs. “Throughout our entire relationship, I have never been faithful to Emma. I would never do anything to undermine the absolute respect I have for her,” he previously wrote on Instagram.

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