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Republican presidential candidates attack Biden on Israel |  Israel Palestine

Republican presidential candidates attack Biden on Israel | Israel Palestine

Republican candidates for next year’s US presidential election attacked President Joe Biden in the third election debate on Wednesday evening over his handling of the crisis between Hamas and Israel. They all declared unconditional support for Israel. Unlike previous debates between the Republican candidates, leading contender former President Donald Trump did not attend.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, when asked what advice he would give to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, replied: “Finish these butchers Hamas, they are terrorists.”

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized Biden’s pressure on Israel to make humanitarian concessions.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott believes America must deal with Iran. As a supporter of Hamas, he believes it should be attacked directly, not through other countries. On Wednesday, two US F-15 fighter jets fired on a weapons depot in Syria’s Deir Es-Zor region in eastern Syria. The U.S. has blamed Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and related groups for shelling U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria in retaliation.


Former President Donald Trump was also criticized. He is considered the favorite to win the Republican primaries, but has avoided the debates. Trump is so far ahead in the polls that he believes participation is unnecessary. According to The Washington Post, the fact that his fellow party members are now attacking him shows that they are under increasing pressure to catch up.

DeSantis noted his party’s recent electoral defeats in his criticism. “Donald Trump is a very different person than he was in 2016,” the governor said. “He said Republicans are going to win, so they’re going to be tired. Well, we saw what happened last night. I’m tired of Republicans. Losing.”

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has been a vocal critic of Trump for some time, pointed to the former president’s legal problems. He faces criminal charges in several places in the United States, including attempts to reverse his 2020 election loss. “Someone who is primarily concerned with staying out of jail and out of court for the next year and a half cannot lead this party or the country.”