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Republicans vehemently oppose more ‘black history’ in American schools | Abroad

Dozens of Republican senators on Friday called on the Biden administration to withdraw its plan for further education on America’s slave past. Republicans believe that a greater focus on racial inequality in history and social studies is causing divisions.

The letter from 39 Republican senators is the latest chapter in the political debate on racial inequality and racism in the United States. Senators led by faction leader Mitch McConnell write that the proposed education policy will include the school curriculum on a “politicized and divisive agenda” and focus on the shortcomings of the United States as a country.

“Young Americans deserve a deeper knowledge and understanding of society and American history. They need to understand our successes and failures,” Republicans wrote to Education Minister Miguel Cardona.

A spokesman for the Department of Education noted that the United States is gaining recognition as a “history of systematic inequality” and welcomes all contributions to the policy proposal.

‘Patriotic education’

The Republican right has long been targeting projects that shed more light on the black pages of American history. For example, former President Donald Trump continued to criticize the 1619 plan The New York Times, Which won the Pulitzer Prize and focuses on the past of the first African slaves in colonial America. Instead, Trump wanted more “patriotic” education.

The policy proposal of the Biden administration is designed to support education, which “reflects the breadth and depth of our country’s diverse history and the key role of diversity in democracy,” says a U.S. government website. Schools are encouraged to focus on programs on “systematic exclusion, prejudice, inequality and discriminatory policies in American history.”

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