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Resident Evil 4 Remake may have been leaked by the voice actor

Last weekend, voice actor DC Douglas may have leaked the Resident Evil 4 Remake while it was broadcast on Twitch and in private messages to fans, various sources said.

Douglas is Wesker’s original voice actor, and he allegedly sent concept art for his character to many people. Resident Evil 4 remake. However, Douglas did not take long to make a statement about the rumors, stating that he does not currently have a contract with Capcom to acquire Resident Evil. This statement of course says absolutely nothing because he would probably have to lie about this if he was under contract.

Several people have shared screenshots of private conversations with Douglas, in which he shared concept art. After all this happened, Douglas’ accounts on Twitch and Twitter were taken down, making his statement less robust. After all, why delete your accounts if they haven’t leaked anything?

The question sounds like “When will Resident Evil 4 Remake come out?” From “Will Resident Evil 4 Remake Finally Come Out?”. All we can do is wait since then Capcom unfortunately doesn’t want to lose anything either About Resident Evil 4 Remake and Douglas’ involvement in Resident Evil projects. Who knows, we’ll see something next week in Game prizes.

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