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Respawn is working on several other games to develop Titanfall 3

Respawn is working on several other games to develop Titanfall 3

Titanfall community coordinator Jason Garza said Respawn will not be releasing Titanfall 3 for a while. The studio is currently “too busy making other games”.

Dexter Reports that Garza said this during Live broadcast. There, Garza said the Titanfall series isn’t being worked on at the moment. “There is nothing at the moment. We have a lot of other games that we are working on right now.”

Titanfall was the first major franchise that Respawn worked on. The games combine first person shooter with great mechanics. Titanfall 2 was considered one of the best games of that year when it was released. Since that release, Respawn has been looking even further and has released Apex Legends, among other things. Battle royale is regularly provided with important updates.

Respawn has also released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a single-player adventure game. The game was such a hit that publisher EA has now indicated that it’s the beginning of a new franchise.

The news that the new Titanfall isn’t in operation matches up with reports from last year which also indicated that no Titanfall games are in development. Titanfall 3 recently appeared in a GeForce Now leak, but the game can be considered mere speculation.

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