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Results 2021 CYCLING PROMISES World Championship. Italian Filippo Baronque …


Filippo Baroncini was crowned world champion at the Promises in Luen. The 21-year-old Italian beat Eritrean Pinium Girmey and the Dutchman Olav Guiz. Five kilometers from the finish, Baronsini continued to explode until it was taken apart and finished. Thibaw Nice rushed to a good sixth after a tough final.

Jonas Wittuk

How did the world title come about?

The opening break was almost four minutes in the lead at one point, but the candles of trio Kleb Carpenko (Estonia), Logan Curie (New Zealand) and Adam Ward (Ireland) were quickly extinguished.

More than 40 kilometers from the end, a decisive moment seemed to come when the eleven-strong lead team was formed. Eleven different countries were represented, not the Belgians. The winner seemed to be on that team, until everything came together in the full final.

Five kilometers from the end, the Italian Filippo Baroncini finally completed a short solo. The Italian, who finished second at the European Championships in Trento, did not give up and advanced to the final at the Zeldenoxvest in Luen.

How did the Belgians do it?

As expected, Thibaut Nice and Florian Vermeersh are the best Belgians in the race. The people of both countries escaped all the setbacks and showed themselves in the final. Vermersh was partly responsible for bringing the group of refugees back, but his pipe was out in the last kilometer. Thibaw Nice was still in the final kilometer and rushed to sixth. A great achievement for an eighteen-year-old.

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Arnaud de Lie and Lennart von Eidweld had misfortune. Their match ended before the final. About seventy kilometers from the end, de Lai crashed to the ground, and ten kilometers away, Van Edwelt was lying on the asphalt. A fall for the Belgians in the final.

Is there anything else you need to know that is significant?

Of course, they fell like flies with promises. Even before the official start, the race was halted for a while due to several accidents at Peloton. Accidents followed not only on the narrow roads in Leuven, but also on the wide roads between Antwerp and Louvain. Nervousness!

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Results (Top Five)

1. Filippo Baroncini (ITA) at 3u37’36 “

Pinium Kirmai (ERI) at 2 p.m.

Olav Goiz (NED) zt

4. Michael Cassoli (ITA)

5. Louis Aski (GPR)