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“Reunion in Paris”: The third season of “Emilie in Paris” kicks off |  showbiz

“Reunion in Paris”: The third season of “Emilie in Paris” kicks off | showbiz

TelevisionGood news for fans of “Emilie in Paris”. Filming for the third season has officially begun. Lead actress Lily Collins (33) announced this on Instagram.

Lily Collins made the news by posting a picture of her and co-star Ashley Parke on social media. She captioned it “Reunion in Paris”. “Let’s start shooting the third season.” For Collins, this will be the third time she has taken on the role of American Emily who moves to Paris for her job. The romantic story and impressive costumes soon ensured that the Netflix series became hugely popular, despite criticism of the series’ French cartoons and predictable storylines. So popular that a fourth season has already been announced.

The second season, which launched on the streaming service in late December, ended with a serious event. Not only did Emily have to choose to stay with her old company or follow her boss Selfie at his new marketing company, but there were also love choices. She becomes involved in a love triangle with new boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Lavisconte) and old love Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). At the end of the series, she seemed to want to explain her feelings to Gabriel, but it turns out that he started something again with Kamil (Kamil Razat), with whom he has an on and off relationship.

Model Darren Star revealed, “Emily has a big decision to make in Season 3. She can open several doors at the end of Season 2, and it’s up to us to decide which doors she picks and why. That’s what Season 3 is all about. When living abroad, one of the most important The questions are: Where is your heart? Where did you come from or where are you now? Emily will struggle with that.”

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