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Reuters: Five EU countries want to delay combustion engine ban until 2040 – IT Pro – News

Eh, no, in the context of these laws and regulations, electric cars do not emit carbon dioxide.
This legislation (and this article) is not related to whether the entire electricity production chain is CO2-free.

But that will be all we will must pass.
The discussion of EV is simply as follows: (B) EV is environmentally friendly (compared to ICE).
This is not true. Imagine that you are sliding down the ladder with a classmate/friend/classmate. You broke three ribs, crushed your wrist and leg and had a concussion. Your colleague/friend/colleague broke his elbow and leg and sprained his ankle. I don’t think there would be a soft landing, without either. But when we talk about cars, we are talking about environmental friendliness…

ICE and (B) EV are both Not Environmentally friendly, but you explain it. It is possible that we are talking about (driving) usage one moment and the total footprint on the environment the next. But the starting point must always be the total area, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Do you want to now) In fact You contribute something to the environment, you are not focused on the car. Then focus on how to use your car (or boat/plane) Not need to use. And I don’t see that in the entire discussion. And so I think in twenty years we’ll look back at the way we lived in the last twenty years: we haven’t done enough. We’re heading in the right direction for sure, but whether or not we’re moving in the right direction fast enough to be on time.

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As far as the combustion engine blocking option is concerned, it’s twofold. On the one hand, it is logical and good for this to happen, and on the other hand, I do not think that it is necessary to ban combustion engines yet. Suppose we will put a large burden on combustion engines in the future. I think it is quite possible that we will impose an additional environmental tax at the European level on cars with a combustion engine after 2035/2040. Hence it is better to talk about hundreds of euros and maybe more than a thousand euros per month. Then, sports car manufacturers can still do very small runs, so that the overall impact on the environment is very small, and then the tax is used to offset the impact on the environment.

If developments in the electric field do not proceed quickly, cars with a combustion engine may become very popular around the point of removal. Fuel will not suddenly become expensive due to government policy, to spare the less profitable citizen, electric cars are currently heavy and emotionless due to lack of sound and experience. Then I think that expensive sports cars can suddenly increase in value, which is nice for people who already own them on a large scale…

But hey, that’s part of the story. We need to transition to EV in the short/medium term, but now excluding the impact on climate, especially to impact the need for fossil fuels and the geopolitical impact around the world. But should there ever be a place for ICE? Why not make it so expensive that the environmental impact can be offset, while enjoying the wonderful creations of the car manufacturers? Technically, I find Gordon Murray Automotive’s (GMA) T.50 more interesting/impressive than the Rimac Nevera.

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