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Review: Carbon 1 Mk II

Review: Carbon 1 Mk II

Most smartphones today are very similar. So there are still a few devices that really stand out due to an innovative component. However, the Carbon 1 Mk II is such a device. This smartphone, partially developed in Germany, is the first to have a housing Carbon fiber. Hence the brand name (carbon means carbon in English). As far as we’re concerned, is carbon fiber the future of smartphones and is Carbon 1 Mk II also impressive in other areas?


  • MediaTek P90 chipset
  • 6.0 inch AMOLED screen with Gorilla Victus Glass
  • 16MP + 16MP rear cameras
  • 20-megapixel selfie camera
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Light weight (125g)
  • Thickness is 6.3 mm


The Carbon 1 Mk II has a design that is very traditional in appearance. The device looks very square and has a fairly flat screen and back. There is still a fairly large screen bezel on the top and bottom of the screen, unlike, say, devices from Samsung or OnePlus. On the other hand, the carbon fiber wallpaper looks very nice in the hand and is less “ slippery ” than devices with a glass back. The black back has a pattern as a decor that brightens things up a bit, but in itself it remains a totally gray look. Thankfully, what helps a lot is the fact that the logo shines on the back. When the device is carried, it turns white, while charging is either red or green, depending on how full the battery is.

Experiment with the carbon fiber housing

The most important question for this device is of course: What is the value that the casing is made of carbon fiber? The answer is simple, because as far as we’re concerned, every device is now made of this strong and lightweight material. The Carbon 1 Mk II is so cute and light in the hand that it looks like you were holding a cardboard display model the first time. So wearing it in a jacket, trouser pocket or in a handbag is very fun due to the light weight. In addition, the back feels very sturdy, and is much stronger than a heavy-duty ceramic or glass appliance. For the first time, it didn’t seem necessary to use a hardware hood. So we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first of many devices made with this material, until in a few years there is no other device.

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So why haven’t other manufacturers not used carbon fiber yet, you might ask? According to Carbon, this is still taking a lot of time now and knowledge is not yet available in other manufacturers. Small carbon fibers are woven together at a microscopic level and then treated with resin, which makes them very strong. With the Carbon 1 Mk II, the manufacturer for the first time improved production and process time so that it could become a potential commercial success. This is also the reason why the first aircraft was named “Mk II”: the first “Mk I” was only a prototype.

Carbon 1 Mk II

Daily use

In everyday use, the Carbon 1 Mk II is not a very striking device. With the MediaTek P90, tasks go fast enough and in principle can run all applications on it. There is not much to criticize about the AMOLED display. With a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, it’s sharp enough and the minimum and maximum brightness are okay too. The quality of the speakers is also not too bad, despite the fact that they are a single speaker at the bottom of the device. In terms of the basic functions of a smartphone, the Carbon 1 Mk II can keep pace with this very well. Unfortunately, the device still has the old version of Android 10, however Android 11 The device should also arrive by the third quarter of this year.

However, what barely works is the fingerprint scanner on the side of the device. We put our thumbs on this one, but the smartphone refuses to open this one. Fingerprint scanners can be tricky at times, but here the surface appears too small to be able to scan effectively. In addition, the buttons on the side of the device are very small. Here, the on / off button in particular is lacking in feedback. So it is very difficult to wake up the device every time.

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Carbon smartphone

Camera quality

Unfortunately the cameras are the Achilles’ heel of this reasonable device. This is without a doubt because Carbon is still a newcomer to the market, as image processing software cannot compete with well-known manufacturers. We’ve seen that before with emerging Chinese brands, like Xiaomi And Huawei, a few years ago. Therefore, the Carbon 1 Mk II cameras are very reminiscent of that time. Images are transferred quickly and have a kind of permanently blurring through the image. The videos are not stabilized, and the 20MP selfie camera takes very disappointing photos. With the device at a suggested retail price of 799 euros, these are unfortunately major drawbacks. We understand why and as the company grows, there will undoubtedly be more budget to improve the camera, but for now, cameras are an obvious downside to this device.


The Carbon 1 Mk II is one of the few smartphones in recent times that can carry a revolutionary name. Thanks to the carbon fiber cap, you won’t find a device this big anywhere else that is too light in the hand. As far as we’re concerned, the Carbon 1 Mk II is a very comfortable device that should definitely be taken into account if light weight and maneuverability are a priority. Anyone who feels the device will be amazed, which also gives this smartphone a nice factor. Unfortunately, the device is also disappointing in certain areas, especially given the suggested retail price of 799 euros. The display and basic functions of the smartphone are fine, but the cameras are years behind the competition. The photos and videos are so disappointing that it’s hard to recommend the device in general. So we hope Carbon will succeed enough with the Carbon 1 Mk II to produce the Mk III or Carbon 2 smartphone, which combines a comfortable lightweight with a little more value as a smartphone.