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Richard Kempthorn is the new representative of the municipality of Westerkwartier in New Zealand

Richard Kempthorn, the former mayor of Tasman County, has been appointed to represent New Zealand’s Westwerkeire Municipality.

The New Zealand Municipality of Tasman County has been the sister municipality of the former municipality of Croydon for many years. In 2017, the friendship was reaffirmed and moved to the new municipality of Westerwartier. By appointing Richard Kempthorne as the representative of the municipality of Westvergardier, the municipality strengthens and deepens its relations with the counties of New Zealand and Tasman.

Strengthen and expand as much as possible

“Richard has been very committed and dedicated and has been instrumental in maintaining the friendship between our municipalities in recent years,” said Mayor Art van der Duke. , The position he holds now, and our cooperation, will help him to have better opportunities and opportunities in the years to come. How much better it would be if we could further strengthen and expand our relations with the Tasman District and New Zealand through these serious contacts, perhaps even outside the municipality of Westerkwartier.

Possible expanded collaboration areas

As former mayor of Tasman County, Richard Kempthorn still has a close relationship with the municipality of Westerkwartier and is honored by this appointment: “I feel very attached to the municipality of Westerkwartier. I not only look at the Tasman district, I look at it in more detail when the opportunities come up.

The current mayor of Tasman County supports the appointment of Tim King and congratulates Kempthorn on his honorable appointment as a representative of New Zealand’s Westward Municipality and especially Tasman County.

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