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Rising shot is dangerous too

Rising shot is dangerous too

Was the penalty corner in our rule piece executed dangerously, or not? That was the important question that left New Zealand looking at the short corner. Most viewers thought this corner was unacceptable.

“A rash cutter,” was a reply. “It’s a dangerous game even if the ball goes below the knee,” said another. Hoofdklasse arbitrator Lizelotte Wolter explains how this works.

“In this New Zealand penalty corner, you see the first sprig of orange lift the ball over his stick, and then the ball comes to his feet through his stick,” Walter said. ‘Of course you can hit the ball in the penalty corner, however there are some requirements you have to adhere to. For example, the first shot should not be dangerous and the shot should cross the goal line below plank height. ‘

Is that so in this corner? In this situation, the first branch of the orange is hit very high on his stick by a shot called ascending (Rising shotI firmly believe that the pillowhead will not cross the line below the shelf height. Also, the person shooting at the target is responsible for not doing so dangerously. ‘

In short? “The right decision in this case is a free victory for the defense based on two arguments: a dangerous game and the ball does not cross the goal line below board height.”