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Rob de Nijs’ son gives update: ‘Every day he’s still here is a good thing’ |  Showbiz

Rob de Nijs’ son gives update: ‘Every day he’s still here is a good thing’ | Showbiz

ShowbizRob De Negus (80 years old) is still in a precarious situation when it comes to his health. His son Robert gives an update on his father’s performance in an interview with Dutch weekly magazine ‘Privé’. “Every day with him is now a gift,” says Robert.

Rob, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for years, was urgently admitted to hospital in September after serious breathing problems. As a result, he actually said goodbye to his family, which was an emotional and difficult moment. Robert recalls that emotional moment during the interview: “I was overcome with emotions, and I walked into the room and I didn’t really know what to say. ‘I love you,’ I whispered and kissed his head. I didn’t expect it to be so intense for me.”

Despite his decline, the Dutch singer has always remained a fighter. Robert confirms that his father does not want to give up. “Telling him he was so good was the last thing I wanted to say. ‘Just go’ or ‘It’ll be okay’ meant someone could give up the fight. And my father certainly didn’t want that.

Mentally sharp

Rob remains mentally sharp. Mentally he is still sane, but physically he is only deteriorating. Unfortunately, this means that things like walking a short distance using a walker are no longer possible. “This is disgusting,” Robert said. “She’s expanding step by step and learning to live with that.”

Fortunately, Rob’s health appears to be stabilizing somewhat thanks to new medical treatments. “But we basically live day by day. Since the farewell, which turned out to be not a farewell, every day is still a gift and a reward. After hearing that his father has settled down, there has been great relief within the family. Although the family remains realistic: “ As crazy as this sounds, we’ve actually rehearsed the ending. “My father has almost reached this point, but he is still here.”

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