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Robin Venice returns to the Netherlands and chooses Engines

Robin Venice is back in the country. After spending three years ‘under the hood’, he has now joined Udrekt consulting firm Engenius as a consultant.

After earning a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Robin Venice chose an adventure abroad. His adventure took him to New Zealand, where he began his career in human capital consulting Le Hect Horizon.

During his three years in Auckland and Wellington, he also worked for boutique consultants Winsbro and Martingenkins. Venice focuses primarily on projects in the public sector, assisting clients with strategy, organizational design, change management, leadership development and project management.

His clients include several New Zealand Ministries, the Electricity Commission, the Auckland and Wellington Governments and a company that provides consumer information to parties in the public and private sphere – the Consumer Enjet.

“As an organizational psychologist, I get energy from understanding complex systemic issues. I am eager and curious and ask bold questions to simplify the problem. I explore data to create new insights and try to measure abstract things. , ”Says Venice.

Back in the Netherlands he decided to join Engineers. Venice says of his choice for the agency: “Engineius is above my alley. Ngenious’ complete system has a strong theoretical foundation, is based on lean and agile, and focuses on the people behind the change and their drivers. ”

He also places great emphasis on the scientific foundation of the office. “A scientific approach, based on facts, is important to me. I do not have to tell you that my priority as an organizational psychologist is people and behavior. Don’t they want to work? ”Concludes the brand new consultant.

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