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Rock Werchter carries out pumping and repair work after rains

Rock Werchter carries out pumping and repair work after rains

Summer is still very humid, and festivals take notice of that too. So they at Rock Werchter are busy tidying up the site.

Heavy rain and festival grounds are not a good combination, and they at Rock Werchter know it well. Thus the organization takes action when it rains for a few weeks in a row, as is the case now. The festival will be on the calendar in 3 weeks.

“We have been working hard at Festival Park,” says company spokesperson Nelly Bigari. Standard. “Pumping has been done, and repair work has been carried out here and there. The sites are in good condition, and construction is going well and on schedule. We have every confidence in it.”

Patrick van Riet, who runs one of the Rock Werchter Festival campsites, agrees: “It looks good. The grass was cut today exactly on schedule; the tractors can drive through the site without any problems. I’ve taught him the few editions that have been raining all the way since Long what risks to avoid. “The camping space is 200 times smaller this year. To be on the safe side, we won’t use the one section that could get a little wetter.

Rock Werchter is well prepared for water misery in 2024. After the nightmare version of 2016, an underground drainage system has been installed to drain rainwater.

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