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Rocket League Season 5 gets a space theme

The new season of the Rocket League is on its way, and this time the season has a space theme. The update will be released on Wednesday, November 17th with many new items and more space-themed content.

The update marks the start of a new competitive season and a new Rocket Pass that will allow players to unlock a special Nexus model car. In addition to the vehicle, players can also unlock other items such as Spacedirt Paint Finish, Hyperspace Animated, and Cosmosis Goal Explosion. Players who purchase the ticket will get the new car right away, but all players can use the ticket to unlock Nexus SC.

Season 5

More information about the contents of the new Rocket Pass will follow a day before the new season. Thanks to the space theme, the Starbase Arc stadium in the game has also been modified. Due to the invasion, the map has been changed and is now called Starbase Arc (Aftermath), the modified stadium also contains a new version of the Season 5 “Player Game” anthem.

Heatseeker Ricochet

Psyonix is ​​also bringing back the temporary gameplay mode with the update. Heatseeker Ricochet is Heatseeker’s default timer mode along with Rocket Labs’ unique arenas. In Heatseeker game mode, after you hit it, the ball automatically goes into the opponent’s goal. If the opponent touches the ball, the ball will automatically go to your goal. The game mode creates a lot of chaos because each ball is always heading towards the goal, and you become the defense of your life!

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Since the developer doesn’t think this is messy enough yet, Rocket Labs arenas have been added to the game mode. Rocket Labs arenas often have unique stadium shapes and obstacles. For this reason, players have to take into account not only the special ball, but also the unique terrain.

Season 4 rewards

Players who earn a rank in Season 4 will receive special wheels as a reward this season. Each player will get custom wheels to rank up in Season 4. In addition, players who have achieved the Supersonic Super Hero or Legend will receive a custom title to show off.