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Roma Live (6pm).  Inter fans booed - Nainggolan: “Lukaku should feel special” |  sports

Roma Live (6pm). Inter fans booed – Nainggolan: “Lukaku should feel special” | sports


Radja Nainggolan: “It will not be a problem for Romelu to play football in a hostile environment”

Radja Nainggolan – a former midfielder for both teams – left in Corriere della Sera He shed light on the situation. “Romelu should feel special,” he said. Naingolan in the Italian newspaper. “he He is a footballer who is at his best when he is liked, and that is the case at Roma. “It will not be a problem for Romelu to play football in a hostile environment.”

Radja Nainggolan and Romelu Lukaku. © Belga


There is no chaos in the hotel

It’s quiet at AS Roma at the moment. Last night it was just Roma supporters waiting for Lukaku and his teammates.


The first flag is real

Inter fans raised the first banner attacking Lukaku. “Dirty traitor, Milan is waiting for you,” is the message on the sign.

© rack


Inter fans still booing Lukaku’s return: ‘Let’s make it clear to him that Milan is no longer his city’

30,000 whistles will be distributed to Romelu Lukaku (30 years old) upon his return to San Siro, the stadium of Inter and Milan. Last night, it was decided for the first time that the Curva Nord Milano, the club’s hard core, are not allowed to hand out whistles. But they eventually retracted this decision.

Inter club Curva Nord Milano announced more than a month ago that it would blow 30,000 whistles at San Siro to whistle Lukaku for every touch of the ball. The message was clear: “Romelu will get the welcome he deserves.”

That plan seemed to have been thrown out the window last night. Giuseppe Petronzi, Milan’s police commissioner, decided after a “busy day full of meetings” to ban anti-Lukaku whistles. Officially, because the sirens might disrupt the match and complicate the referee’s work. Furthermore, the number of whistles in the stadium was expected to be much higher than the announced 30,000, as people would bring their own as well.

But suddenly it was decided to distribute whistles again. “Let’s not fall into pettiness and stupidity,” said Inter’s hard core. “Leave racism off the pitch, it doesn’t suit us. Think about how we can support our colors and encourage the team better than ever to achieve this win. As for him (Lukaku, ed.), let’s make it clear to him that Milan is no longer his city and that he is no longer welcome.” Lukaku should not expect hate expressions: “He does not deserve this attention,” he added.

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Agence France-Presse/Social
© AFP / Social


Lukaku receives support from an unexpected source

Amidst all the criticism from the old stable, there are those who stand by the striker. “Inter made a big mistake,” says former CEO Ernesto Paolillo.

The man refers to the Champions League final on June 10, 2022 against Manchester City. Lukaku had to be content with a substitute role. “Lukaku was disappointed, they disappointed him. He was not treated properly. Romelu deserved to play from the first minute. When he can rely on his new teammates, not on the wings who were already tired and no longer able to reach Lukaku and dribble him in the right way.

For Paulillo, it makes sense that Lukaku, partly because of this final, will look elsewhere. “Lukaku wanted guarantees to be the Nerazzurri’s first striker. But he did not get that promise. So it makes sense for everyone to make their own choices. So I understand why Lukaku rejected an offer from Inter.”


Mourinho: I didn’t know that Lukaku was so important in Milan

It is also a return to the old stable of Jose Mourinho. But the Portuguese coach is serving his suspension in the Italian League, and therefore will not be on the bench with the Romans. The Special One responded earlier in a press moment to a question about Inter fans’ plans: “I did not know that Lukaku was so important in Milan.” “Agreed, he has won the Serie A title and some other trophies, but that might apply to 200 players. Lukaku moving from Inter to Roma is a drama, but Calhanoglu moving from Milan to Inter is a miracle. The same goes for players like Cannavaro Vieri and many others. “That’s why I find it surprising that Lukaku seems to play such a big role in Inter’s history.”

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Mourinho and Lukaku.
Mourinho and Lukaku. © Pictures News


Going to Inter with confidence: Lukaku scored in the 14th (!) match in a row

Lukaku has already had a good rehearsal for his big return to Milan. He scored a goal against Slavia Prague 2-0 in the Europa League yesterday. Very impressive: this has already happened in 14 consecutive Premier League matches. Going into the match with confidence, that’s what they call it.

look. Lukaku’s beautiful goal


30,000 whistles

It is expected to be a warm return for Romelu Lukaku. Inter fans love him dearly after courting Juventus last summer. Especially with a hard coreCurva Nord Milano’ which has been planning for some time. For example, Lukaku is given 30,000 whistles for every touch of the ball. “He fled Milan like a thief in the night, without saying goodbye to his teammates,” the fans’ association said in a statement. “Lukaku will receive the welcome he deserves, unlike Jose Mourinho who will still receive our greetings after 13 years. You reap what you sow. On October 29, we will express our disgust at someone who shamefully turned his back on us.”