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Roman Yarmashuk celebrates the goal with Ukraine's motto: "I want to support my country" |  Champions League

Roman Yarmashuk celebrates the goal with Ukraine’s motto: “I want to support my country” | Champions League

Pro League Juppler’s famous Roman Yarmacuk put himself in the international spotlight twice today. First with the goal, then with the celebration of that goal.

In the Champions League match against Ajax, the former AA Gent striker played a superlative role. On the clock, Yaremchuk was sent between the lines to erase the 1-2 deficit. Successful: After 10 minutes he reacted faster to a ball that was freed from the Ajax Pacefer goalkeeper.

During the celebration of this tie, the Ukrainian footballer took off his football shirt. Under his competition shirt, he wore a T-shirt with the coat of arms of his native Ukraine, “Trezob”. Purposeful political statement.

The striker was unable to prevent the striker from being sanctioned by UEFA which resulted in him receiving a yellow card. With this symbolic act, Yarmashuk supports his homeland, which is currently embroiled in a political conflict with the border state of Russia.

“I just wanted to support my country,” Yarmashuk said. “I have thought about the subject and the current situation for a long time. The club supports me and wants to help me in every possible way, but at the moment it is still going on.”

Just hours after Yarimchuk’s statement, Vladimir Putin made a statement on Russian television. Announced a “military operation” in eastern Ukraine.

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