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Room for 13 new companies Het Aanleg Winsum

Room for 13 new companies Het Aanleg Winsum

The Het Hoagland Municipal Executive approved the image quality plan and the initial “Building Expansion” zoning plan. Plans are based on the expansion of the existing Het Aanleg business park in Winsum.

The blueprints show how the buildings are shaped and the site’s layout. Het Aanleg’s expansion into Winsum provides plenty for six “generally oriented” companies. In addition, seven housing units are being built along the Schouwerzijlsterweg. The focus is on the construction of one-story detached houses with a roof.

Landscape decoration is central to the Schouwerzijlsterweg approach. On the street side, a stream of water, green front gardens, and diverse architecture will define the picture. The route is also being redesigned. This benefits road safety.

30 km/h

The profile of the road is moved further to the north. This will create more green space on the Winsumerdiep side. The Schouwerzijlsterweg will have a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

After submission for screening, comments and opinions are processed and responded to. Thereafter, the draft zoning plan is again made available for inspection before final approval by the Council. The lottery will start in the fall of 2022.

Alderman Eltjo Dijkhuis: “I am pleased that the expansion of the Het Aanleg business park and the approach in Schouwerzijlsterweg is now beginning to take shape. This gives the entrance to Winsum an attractive appearance. And very important: we create a new space for companies and entrepreneurs who want to live with their company.”