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Russia denies preparing for a quick disconnect from the Internet – IT Pro – News

Many security experts may have only dreamed of the day when we could actually separate Russia.

At least not me. Sure, there’s a lot of bullshit about the internet, but the blessing is much bigger: it connects people—also in a figurative sense.

Such as @cobalt Citizens only get publicity if Putin pulls the plug. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that only publicity is one of the goals.

Another reason for Russia to take action could be that a lot of Western DNS providers and hosting providers are now kicking out Russian companies.

I also expect Eugene Kaspersky to be partly right, having predicted (many years ago, I can no longer find him) that all over the world two will reach the Internet. This will not happen, but something like this could very well happen in Russia.

As a security man, I would expect Putin to want at most to separate the rebellious regions (or cities) from the “dirty” Internet and put them in the “demilitarized Internet”.

Companies in those areas important for international trade (trusted companies, meaning they will not play the role of a provider, but also cybercriminals) will still be able to access the “dirty” Internet via VPNs over this “clean” Internet.

The economic interests of continuing to trade with, among other things, China and India – but also with Western countries that have companies that are not subject to or ignored by sanctions – are too great to everyone cutting lines.

Because that’s literally what you have to do: Routers are designed to find other ways if a line is lost. When Putin cuts the “cable to Europe”, most, if not all, network packets pass through other connections (India, etc.).

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In short, as a security officer, I expect that citizens in particular will actively move beyond the Internet bordering Russia, as a result of which they will no longer be able to access free information.

I don’t expect any impact on ransomware (and other) attacks online (ie there will be no less, maybe more). Cybercriminals have already been tolerated, and will now be encouraged. After all, they bring Western currency into the country.

So for the West a loose situation. And no, security experts don’t even dream about it.

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