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Russia puts a terrifying missile system 60 km from the border with Ukraine

Russia puts a terrifying missile system 60 km from the border with Ukraine

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According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, Russia has prepared Iskander missile systems 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. This is inferred “on the basis of available data”.


With these ballistic missiles, Russia can support the offensive of ground forces, especially in the north-east of the country. It is known that the projectiles of modern Iskander systems are difficult to intercept with air defense and can reach 500 km.

Ukraine reported Sunday morning that the Russians are regrouping and strengthening their own from Belgorod, likely to encircle the city of Kharkov in Ukraine’s far north. That city has been subjected to heavy bombardment over the past week. The battle continues in Donetsk and Luhansk as well. After losing dozens of villages in those areas, Ukraine has now reported multiple counterattacks on Saturday. Four Russian tanks, five artillery systems, and fifteen armored units were said to have been successfully launched.

According to the British, the Russians are facing stiff resistance from the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass. The Russian army was said to have suffered “significant damage”. He did not give more details about this. Despite the resistance, Russia managed to make “some territorial gains”. According to the British, the effectiveness of the Russian army is likely to be affected by poor morale among the army and the limited time to reorganize and rearm the forces from previous attacks.

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