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Russian opposition leader Navalny found guilty of embezzlement |  Abroad

Russian opposition leader Navalny found guilty of embezzlement | Abroad

A court convicted Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny of embezzling funds from his organizations. The Russian news agency, Interfax, said the punishment would be announced at a later time.

According to the court, he paid out millions of euros from donors. The Public Prosecution Office has Thirteen years in prison demanded against him. “Navalny committed fraud and theft of property of other people by an organized gang,” Judge Margarita Kotova said when reading the ruling.

Navalny has been accused in this case of stealing donations of millions of euros to his charitable organizations. Funds were raised for a foundation that fights corruption and defends the rights of citizens. But Navalny is said to have funneled the money into private spending and the presidential campaign.

Navalny was also found guilty of contempt of court in another case. Sehen was a judge in 2021 in a case relating to Navalny’s comments that would have been offensive to a veteran.

His previous conviction, for which he was imprisoned for a good year in a criminal colony 100 kilometers from Moscow, goes back to controversial charges almost ten years ago. He is accused of more and more crimes, in what his supporters say are phased trials. The trial took place in the penal colony in which Navalny is now located.

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