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Salar, Grace or Christophe?  Former 'Big Brother' residents pick their favorite to win overall |  television

Salar, Grace or Christophe? Former ‘Big Brother’ residents pick their favorite to win overall | television

televisionSalar, Grace or Kristoff won the second season of Big Brother, there’s no doubt about that. But who deserves this victory more? Nobody can appreciate it like the previous residents. They highlight the finalists, and tell who they think is the most deserving of the prize pool.

Amy (27): Salar

Amy. © SBS

“For me, Salar could win,” Amy said. “During the program we had clashes, but frankly I think he is the coolest inhabitant of the house. Salar is a curious person. He called me a tactical mastermind, but in all silence it was he who sent the competition home. Salar played the match very well, often making a spirit note Humor on top of that.”

Serkan (28): Grace


Serkan. © SBS

For Serkan, it is clear: Grace could win the second season of “The Mother of All Reality Shows”. “I clicked with her from the first moment I walked into the house. I give a lot of credit to Kristoff, but Grace got into the house first. That’s why I let her be the last to leave the house.”

Kitty (58): Salar


kitty. © SBS

“Who will win? Well: Salar,” says Kitty. “He can beat me because I had a good flick with him from the first moment. Salar is also just one of those guys you should like, thanks to his personality and cheerfulness. I laughed with him a lot and enjoyed his company. He is a very nice person, he doesn’t pretend to be anything else.” You see is what you get, “You know. I love it.”

Dmitriy (26): Salar


Dmitriy. © SBS

Dimitri does not have to think carefully about this question: it is for him that Salar can win. “He was honest from the start. Salar told everyone he was playing a game, and he always stuck with that tactic. I am also impressed with the growth he saw during the program. During the first two weeks I wasn’t sure what to think of it, but then my appreciation as a person grew day by day.”

Haniyeh (36): Salar


Hannah. © SBS

Hanne has also been influenced by the personal growth Salar has experienced during the program. Thus the Dutch businessman can also win from it. It appears that “throughout the game, he developed in a positive way”. “He always said he wanted to play a match, but I think he let that go a few times as the program progressed. We are seeing more and more Salar separate, he can also have fun and laugh with the guests. I also like to see how he respects everyone. In my eyes he is a deserving winner.”

Peter (56): Salar

run out.

run out. © SBS

It starts to get monotonous, but Peter also picks up Salar. It seems he “can win for me because he is so loyal”. “Throughout the programme, he has changed in a positive way. Salar is now more open, playful, smiling and having fun. I think progress is very important in a person. Hence my vote goes to him.”

Vera (26): Grace


Vera. © SBS

“I find it hard to pick someone, because I hope all three of them win,” Vera said. “Kristof was one of my housemates. But if I really had to pick someone, I’d pick Grace. Since we moved in the house, I’ve been a #TeamGrace. We were the best of friends at home, and I could share all my worries with her.”

Evelyn (37): Salar


Evelyn. © SBS

Evelyn – somewhat surprisingly – also joins #TeamSalar. “I know people might suspect my name is different because I had no connection to Salar at home,” she says. “But after I got out I saw how he turned into a very nice and interesting person. I’m sorry I didn’t see that side of Salar when I was still in the game, but I’m sure we’ll get to know each other differently — and better — outside. I hope to achieve victory.”

Leroy (31): Grace


Leroy. © SBS

“I wish it was on everyone,” LeRoy said, “but Grace could win me.” “Not only did she have a nice backstory, but she was also really the sunshine in the house. She is so cute to deal with and she kept the whole time. The jokes were part of that, but just as much she was singing all day. That made you happy too, what more do you want?” So? “

Nawal (27): Blessing

After all.

After all. © SBS

“Now that Nouchine hasn’t made it to the final, there’s only one choice for me, and that’s Grace,” it sounds like in The Queen of Nominations† “She has been a very good friend at home, she has supported me in difficult moments. Hence I give her from the bottom of my heart for grace.”

Tobias (26): Grace


Tobias. © SBS

Tobias laughs: “My voice is not surprising.” “I wish it on everyone, but at home I got the best flick with Grace. Just because of our bond, she might hit me. But it also affected that if she won, she’d want to visit her family in Brazil with that money. That could count on extra sympathy from me.”

Noshin (25): Salar


Noshin. © SBS

No surprises in Noshin either: she wishes her boyfriend Salar a win. “I also give the money to Grace, but if I had to choose, I’d prefer Salar,” it seemed. “I wish him the win and the prize pool. Just because he has grown so much and because he was my best friend in the house. Thanks to Salar, I also had a very nice adventure. For this he can come out victorious – or rather: the house. “

Julio (43): Grace


Julio. © SBS

“All of the finalists are top-notch and I hope so on everyone else, but if I had to pick one person…my vote and my heart goes to Grace,” Julio says. “She is a very kind and gentle woman.”

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