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Sam Elliott apologized for the offensive comments

Sam Elliott apologized for the offensive comments

Sam Elliott apologized for his comments on the Oscar-winning film The Power of the Dog during a Deadline Contestants television event. The 77-year-old actor admitted that he had done something wrong and hurt people unnecessarily, which was not his intention.

In an earlier Podcast interview, Elliott called director Jane Campion’s film “the worst performance of an American Western film,” and realized that many farmers in the film were portrayed as “shirtless sibbondale”. He was also not happy that Gambian filmed in his native New Zealand, but it looked like the US state of Montana. The concept of Chippandales in particular was homosexual to many.

“I did not express it well, I hurt people with my words, I hate it. The gay community has always been good to me throughout my life before I started in Los Angeles.

He continues: “I said on that podcast that Jane Campion was a great director, and I would like to apologize to The Power of the Dog actors, especially Benedict Cumberbatch. I can say I’m sorry. And I’m very sorry.”

Campion at the time reacted harshly to the negative words Elliott had for his film. “It’s sad he’s behaving like that because it’s so sexy and gay. I do not like it, I think he behaved like a little dog.” The New Zealand director has not yet responded to Elliott’s apology.

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