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Sam Gores shocks Jean-Marie Pfaff: "She's pregnant" - sneak

Sam Gores shocks Jean-Marie Pfaff: “She's pregnant” – sneak

It is now widely known that the Pfaff family had a year of downright horror. The family is now beginning to recover and both Jean-Marie and Carmen can look forward to the achievements of their children and grandchildren. Although the former Red Devil still chokes on his Jägermeister.

The reality soap gets a successor

Meanwhile, things are gradually starting to improve for Carmen, the strong woman in the family. He had some health problems last year and is still suffering from the aftermath of a traumatic kidnapping.

The Pfaff family could be admired for years in one of the most watched reality series in Flanders. This success inspired VTM to follow the family of Sam Gooris and Kelly Pfaff on some road trips. The family did move to America and produced beautiful pictures. By the way, Sam celebrated his 51st birthday yesterday!

“That's a completely different story.”

Sam himself, along with Kelly, was recently a guest on comedian Alex Agnew and Andris Bekkers' Welcome to AA podcast and came up with a very funny story about an announcement he had to make to his father-in-law, Jean-Marie. “We were going to the kids,” Sam began. “But I didn’t expect Goris to ‘intervene’ so quickly.” And then of course the news had to be delivered to the in-laws.

“My mother-in-law put the Jägermeister on a plate. I had to go to my father-in-law with two glasses full of drinks. I went into the living room two or three times, but I had to come back because the glasses were always empty because they kept falling. I was just acting in a thriller.” “

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In the end, Sam succeeded, although Kelly gave a slightly different spin to the story: “Oh, she's starting to say that,” agreed Jean-Marie's daughter. “It was first of all after 45 minutes, and I had to say it first, because he didn’t dare,” Kelly confirms. “That's a different story, Sam,” Agnew concluded sarcastically.