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Samsung announced the third Galaxy Unpacked event on April 28th

Samsung announced the third Galaxy Unpacked event on April 28th

What will Samsung announce this time during the Galaxy Unpacked? It probably won’t be a new smart phone.

Samsung’s major launch events follow each other in quick succession this year. After announcing earlier Galaxy S21 smartphones In January and new Galaxy A- smartphones The electronics giant has sent invitations to New event On April 28th. Third already this year. Speculation about the products that Samsung will announce is already running at full speed.

Usually we know in advance what Samsung will announce, but for this version of the Galaxy Unpacked, there seems to be more mystery. The cryptic title “Next Strongest Galaxy” does not help reveal this mystery either. A new Galaxy smartphone seems out of the question. Samsung has already served the different price segments it is operating in, and it will have to wait until 2022 to get a smartphone more powerful than the S21 Ultra.

New Galaxy Books

We have to look for it in the other product categories. A new Galaxy Tab? That could be the case, but most of the rumors are of new Galaxy Book laptops being launched and presumably some Chromebooks as well. Samsung laptops are less known than smartphones and tablets, but the South Korean company is growing strongly in this segment. According to the company’s numbers, Samsung shipped it in 2020 Four times the number of Chromebooks As is the case during the year 2019 and entered the top five places in the world for the first time among well-known names such as HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer. By announcing the laptops as the “most powerful Galaxy”, Samsung has already expressed its ambition to continue its attack on the notebook market. The bar is set high.

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Samsung itself has yet to release many details for this Galaxy Unpacked event. More clarity will come in the coming weeks. The event was announced on April 28 and will start at 4 PM. We will bring more information as soon as it becomes available.