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Samsung Galaxy A53 update juni 2022

Samsung Galaxy A53 is now getting the June update

distance Galaxy A33 now too Samsung Galaxy A53 June update. And just like its cheaper sibling, the update also contains more improvements to the A53.

Galaxy A53 June 2022 update

earlier today The first update for the Galaxy A33 has been released† This device is similar to the Galaxy A53 in many ways, but it doesn’t receive the latest security patches every month. The A53 does this, but it wasn’t due this month. Until this afternoon.

A massive download of just under 920MB is now ready for the device. Firmware version A536BXXU2AVF2 introduces three improvements to the device. First, of course, is June patchwith 45 fixes for Android, and 25 fixes for Samsung’s own.

Additionally, the update ensures that “Camera stabilization has been improved“, as well”General stability of your device† This usually means minor bug fixes and/or process improvement. Maybe the photos won’t get any better, but the camera app will run more smoothly.

What wasn’t clear from the description is if the issues that some Galaxy A53 phones seem to have with Albert Heijn’s Wi-Fi are resolved by the new update. Although the so-called “Albert Heijn errors” mainly affected the Galaxy A51 (And on this device It has since been fixed), it also appears that some copies of the A53 crash as soon as they are connected to the Wi-Fi of the AH Store. Have you had problems with the A53 so far? Tell us below if the new update fixes this bug on your device!

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Installation and availability

As far as we can tell, the new update is now available immediately on all Galaxy A53 devices sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether there is also a so-called A53 Branded Vodafone and T-Mobile provider models in circulation are not entirely clear to us at the moment. Can’t install today’s update yet? Please let us know below.

Anyway, you will get an automatic notification once the update is ready for your phone. You can also check availability manually, via Settings -> Download and Install