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Samsung Galaxy smartphone at home?  You really need to update it now!

Samsung Galaxy smartphone at home? You really need to update it now!

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone at home, pay attention. Hackers have attempted to take over certain devices or get rid of the data stored on them. This became possible due to a smartphone security issue.

Samsung was informed of the issue at the end of last year and has since closed the security hole. It is up to you to make sure that you install the correct update.

Malware on your Samsung Galaxy device

Kryptowire, a company focused on security and privacy solutions on mobile devices, announces today What exactly was going on. In November last year, Samsung reported a serious security flaw in some Galaxy models. This issue was so serious that Samsung gave it a high priority, so that it can be closed completely with the February security update.

This is an issue that allows third-party apps to install malware. This is no less dangerous, because in this way the Samsung Galaxy smartphone can be frighteningly operated. So he’s taking over your smartphone, as it were.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The vulnerability was found in the default phone app installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

What should I do?

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android 9, 10, 11 or 12? Then it’s time to take action. As mentioned, Samsung fixed the issue in the February security update. Anyone who updates their smartphone regularly does not have to do anything anymore.

Do you often forget to equip your smartphone with the latest software? Then you have to do it manually. You do this by going to Settings -> About device -> Software update Togo. Your Samsung smartphone will scan itself for new software that you should be able to install right away.

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Why you should update your Samsung Galaxy smartphone now

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