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Samsung introduces an alternative to Green Line displays in India

Samsung introduces an alternative to Green Line displays in India

Anyone who sees a green line appearing on their Samsung Galaxy phone can get a free screen for it (in India).

last week collected There are many Samsung device owners on the Internet. Suddenly users, who all have different Galaxy S devices, see a green line appear on the screen.

It is not entirely certain why the green line appears for some users. Most Galaxy S owners see the green line appear after installing a software update. Others reported that they did not install an update to show the font: it is enough to play a game on their smartphone.

Hardware problem

This indicates that it is a hardware issue. One of the display connectors may not connect to the motherboard properly. As components expand and expand under the influence of heat, the connector becomes looser, causing the green line to appear. Another explanation lies in the glue that Samsung uses. It is common to glue these connectors to the motherboard, so that they do not come loose after falling. It is possible that the Samsung adhesive is not very heat resistant, which is causing the problem.

A lot of users are now moving to social media. There they write that Samsung customer service offers them a free screen replacement. They will also get that new screen if their phone's warranty has already expired, provided there is no other damage to the device. Drop or water damage, and you can forget about your free screen. Samsung also immediately offers users a new battery, so that the phone lasts longer again.

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Warranty only in India

At the moment, Samsung appears to be offering this warranty only abroad, i.e. in India. Users have until April 30, 2024 to schedule an appointment with a Samsung service center. It is not known whether Samsung will also offer a different screen replacement. The brand itself has not made an official announcement about the green line issues.

Samsung's decision appears to be an echo of OnePlus'. In August 2023, the brand decided to give Indian users the same warranty, after their AMOLED displays also systematically failed.

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