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Samsung itself shows off the new One UI 4 (Android 12)

Samsung has published a number of videos showing a file The new One UI 4 interface It is officially introduced. This is the interface that will be introduced soon with files Android 12 ترقية Upgrade Much Samsung phones Come. We’ve shown you many innovations before, but now we’re seeing what Samsung itself finds most important.

Samsung officially introduces One UI 4

Over the past few weeks, we’ve already shown you a lot of Android 12 on Galaxy S21. We’ve taken a closer look at the new features, such as color theme, and the Icons that also adapt to your background image. we saw New one weather Application, and the corresponding piece. showed Many changes.

What we haven’t seen yet is a full-scale official introduction to One UI 4 from Samsung itself. Samsung’s developer conference is currently taking place, where South Koreans traditionally discuss future software plans, among other things. And indeed, also explain One UI 4.

In four different videos we see the most important developments, changes and innovations. We have already described a large part, but now you see them again through the eyes of the same Samsung. In addition, you will also see One UI Book 4. This is the interface where it can be on top of Windows 11 on the manufacturer’s laptops.

In addition to Galaxy S21The series also plays devices such as Galaxy Z Flip 3 employment Galaxy Z Fold 3 An important role, as does the Watch 4. Finally, the interface should be able to better adapt to the different forms that mobile devices take now and in the future.

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In general, the videos last about ten minutes, so pour a cup of coffee (or something else), and sit for a while:

When are you on your Galaxy?

As with our own reports on innovations in Android 12 and One UI 4, we must stress once again that it will take some time before you can install the upgrade on your Galaxy device. The Galaxy S21 will get the update first – late November, early December, if we can take a chance. All other devices and tablets will follow in the weeks and months that follow. Most Dutch and Belgian Samsung users will receive the update in the first months of 2022.

If you want to know if your Galaxy device will also get the upgrade – and approximately when – check out our great size Samsung-Galaxy-en-de-Android-12 تحديث Update summary. You can read more information about the changes when you join us One UI 4 Archive Plunge, which contains all the news about the new interface.