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Sarah Ferguson refuses to recover €270,000 from fraudulent Turkey |  Property

Sarah Ferguson refuses to recover €270,000 from fraudulent Turkey | Property

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife are said to have received a “significant sum” of money from the businessman accused of fraud. Ferguson is said to have received her money because she was an ambassador for a company that has offered green energy for a while. According to the Duchess of York, there was no reason to believe that Salman Turk would not be a rogue business partner.

Andrew is said to have repaid the £750,000 he received from the businessman, reportedly, for a new British passport, when something turned out to be wrong. However, Andrew declined to comment further on the matter.

According to “The Telegraph”, it is a case of fraud worth more than 48 million euros. Andrew and Ferguson are not suspects in the case, but he is making a new imprint on Queen Elizabeth’s son and ex-wife after the abuse case was recently settled. The prince has reportedly paid Virginia Joffrey more than 12 million pounds (more than 14 million euros) to waive the lawsuit.

According to British media, Salman Turk – the former banker at investment bank Goldman Sachs – will be the main figure in the fraud case. The High Court in London is hearing the whole case. Meanwhile, the Turkish businessman continues to deny all allegations.

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