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Scarlet Nexus Coming directly to Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) on June 25

Scarlet Nexus Coming directly to Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) on June 25

Bandai Namco’s Sci-fi RPG Scarlet Nexus will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on release day, according to journalist Jeff Grubb of Games Beat. Revealed in May 2020 during the Xbox Series X premiere, Scarlet Nexus is set in a distant future where a group of Zionist soldiers called OSF represent humanity’s last hope in a battle against brain-eating mutants known as others.

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Scarlet Nexus

“I heard it’s Xbox Game Pass Day One,” Grubb said of Scarlet Nexus during a recent game الألعاب XboxEra – Podcast. “These Game Pass deals, especially when it comes to something relatively large, are done very late. Maybe the Outriders deal was closed a few weeks before we heard about it, maybe even a week before we heard about it and we heard that a month before it came out? Or A few weeks before his release.

“That’s when they close these deals and I think it’s just because everyone wants to fully understand their scaling before they put something on paper and say, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it’. The Scarlet Nexus might be lower and Microsoft will probably give you a little bit of money to get the fee game Great animation that people seem to love. It’s probably more than you might get otherwise while taking advantage of the individual sales as we see these Game Pass games selling well. So I think they brought in the Scarlet Nexus.”

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Scarlet Nexus will be released on June 25 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.