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Schroeder sees puzzle pieces gradually coming together in Club Brugge (bad news for Vormer): “Very satisfied with Odoi”

Schroeder sees puzzle pieces gradually coming together in Club Brugge (bad news for Vormer): “Very satisfied with Odoi”

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A return ticket to Eupen on Sunday, which the coach was allowed to use this week. Club Brugge wants to continue in the right direction and push the union further. Schroeder hopes the victory over Charleroi has caused a split. And she had bad news for Vormer. “Someone like Odoi is important if your team is attacking hard.”

Junior Verbeke

What do you know about Eupen, Alfred Schroeder? “They just fired their coach,” the Club Brugge coach immediately replied. And that their new coach Valkanis worked with John van Te Schep and Aaron Winter in Greece. Schroeder and his men leave for Oppen on Saturday evening, where they will spend the night in the area. Long trip or not: Sunday’s game should simply yield three indicators. “Do I have a feeling the pieces of the puzzle come together? Yes, I saw a lot of good things against Charleroi. Sometimes it was choppy, and at the end of the match we missed a lot of chances. Our pressure was good too.”

Meanwhile, Schroeder also has an abundance of options at its core. Lange, Buchanan, Skov Olsen, de Kettler, Dost: All valuable pawns, but only eleven players are allowed to start. Schroeder evades this question, “You always look for the best,” but many of the changes compared to Charleroi are unexpected. Buchanan is available again after contracting the coronavirus, and Dust and Ballanta are back at heart. “It looks good for Buchanan: it’s important that we get him back,” said Schroeder. “Everyone else is fit.”

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Satisfied with Odoic

Few changes, that means bad news for Rodformer. The captain ended up on the bench and now sees Odoi playing on the ‘six’. And since Schroeder is satisfied with the acquisition, that won’t change anytime soon. It’s like “I’m happy with how he filled it out”. “You can see there’s been some growth in his game. I mentioned that last week. If you’re playing with a very offensive team, you need someone to keep things closed in that position. That’s why it’s important that he plays there.” With another question, Schroeder returned to Former. “I think every player has to show they are ready every day. It can always happen that you don’t play for some time: look at Rudd. We have a lot of good players. And every player should have a clear role in their role.”

The club is clearly in great shape after the important victory over Charleroi. But this now requires confirmation. “After Ghent, the atmosphere was lower for a few days: it makes sense if you lose at home. But we have to get through these moments,” Schroeder nodded. “The boys also watched the Federation match and were happy after Charleroi. Now it is important to keep fighting for the team and get a high final rating.”