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Screening of ‘Together We Grow’ at Howe Peasland

Screening of ‘Together We Grow’ at Howe Peasland

On the evening of Monday 27th November Howe will be screening the Australian documentary ‘Together We Grow’ at Peasland. This documentary is a small but powerful portrait of a community project where people sow, harvest, cook, sew, repair, share and grow in New Zealand. The following explanation is given on its own website:

After the documentary, we will discuss how Howe Peasland contributes to the recovery and development of people and nature in all kinds of ways. We do this perfectly in our organic care farm’s beautiful canteen.

We organize this film evening together with Rachel Earhart, who explores so-called ‘living spaces’ from her own franchise Pleidooi voor Plek. These are places where all kinds of things happen, where people and nature are allowed to exist and feel vital. Places that attract people because they find something increasingly missing in the rest of society.

Rachelle says of Hoeve Biesland: “Hoeve Biesland is not only a place where organic food is produced, but also a place where people work and live. A rich ecosystem where people, animals and nature all play a role. A useful job for people, a good place to shop and a good way to spend their free afternoon. A place where many people want to come because they find something that helps or nourishes them. I think we need more places like this, these kinds of oases!

Rachel will provide an introduction to the documentary, and then we’ll discuss what we saw and how it affects what Howe does in Bysland. Welcome!

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Click here For more information and Here For the record.

This film screening is part of Voding Anders’ Food Film Festival. The festival, which will be held from November 10 to December 10, will screen 5 films on food transition free of cost to the organizers.