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"Sebastian Vettel doesn't have to tell me to bring the trash" -

“Sebastian Vettel doesn’t have to tell me to bring the trash” –

In an interview with Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, David Coulthard explains why he doesn’t always answer Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel has been looking at his previous form for a number of years, but he doesn’t seem to be doing well this season either. David Coulthard noted that, too. He’s been less positive about the German a few times and not as well liked by the four-time world champion’s press officer, Britta Roysky.

But Coulthard, now an analyst for Britain’s Channel 4 television, stands firm and explains to Kronen Zeitung why he sometimes criticizes the Aston Martin driver.

“During the first part of his career, Sebastian Vettel won world titles based on his qualities and his speed,” Coulthard said. “Seb didn’t look the same during his time at Ferrari and Aston Martin. He himself never spoke to me about it, but Brita, whom I still know from Red Bull, made me realize I’m not always friendly with Sebastian.”

I asked her, ‘Breta, what are you seeing that I don’t? “I’m just saying what I see, he was worse than his teammate at Ferrari and as good as his teammate at Aston Martin. When he was winning, I thought he was an incredible, real machine, but when he lost I was disappointed.”

Coulthard also doesn’t understand why there’s nothing against him when he’s being praised, but as soon as some negative comments come up, they stand on their hind legs.

“You know, I’m really confused. They don’t have anything against that, and I understand that because I’ve been a Formula One driver myself, when positive things are said but they don’t like it when something negative is said.”

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“I really don’t know what to say about Sebastian. He races in Formula 1…. Off the track, he tells us to pick up the trash and do the laps. I don’t need Sebastian to tell me to collect the trash and the lap, I do both.”