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Severe winter storm kills at least three in the United States |  Weather News

Severe winter storm kills at least three in the United States | Weather News

The United States was hit by a severe winter storm on Tuesday that spawned tornadoes in the South and killed three people. Local authorities announced this. The north of the country is now exposed to strong winds and snow storms. Hundreds of thousands of families are without electricity.

look. Large parts of the United States experience winter storms

According to the US Weather Service NWS, the East Coast of the United States is witnessing heavy rains leading to flooding, winds exceeding 80 kilometers per hour, and thunderstorms. Bad weather forced Vice President Kamala Harris' Air Force plane to land at Dulles International Airport in Virginia instead of Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The southeast of the country is exposed to hurricanes. This was the case in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 49 counties. At least three people were killed in the southern United States. For example, in North Carolina, a person was killed on a mobile home site, and in Georgia a person died after a tree fell on a car. In Alabama, the storm became fatal for an octogenarian woman after a tornado destroyed her mobile home.

The website reported that more than 890,000 families, most of them in the east of the country, were without electricity on Tuesday evening. The winter storm was also accompanied by heavy snowfall in various parts of the United States, and these snow storms are expected to continue on Wednesday.

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