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Simon Mignolet kreeg zware tik:

Simon Mignolet was badly injured: ‘This works on my system’ | Football 24

Saturday 25 December 2021 – 20:00

Simon Mignolet had retreated in November. For example, he never fully conceded a goal against Standard, KRC Genk and KV Michelin.

in a Newspaper Looks at that period: “Last week I was able to train for a whole week without pain for the first time since March. For nine months, my knees played tricks on me. And that had an effect on me. Because the longer it lasts, the more you think it’s not going to be the way it is.” okay.”

“And then you end up in a busy period, with European football, you get a blow for a foul, and then another… of course that doesn’t help,” Mignolet said. “Then everything works on your system and you’ll have a hard time. I’m just a human, not a robot.”

“I’m very happy with the way you answered,” he says. “I managed to keep my cool, and did not accept the emotional turmoil of the outside world.”

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"Ik ben wel heel blij met de manier waarop ik gereageerd heb", zegt hij. "Ik ben toch rustig kunnen blijven, ben niet meegegaan in het emotionele getier van de buitenwereld."


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