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Singer Anouk is under fire after criticizing trans women: “Cutting your baby does not make you a woman” |  celebrities

Singer Anouk is under fire after criticizing trans women: “Cutting your baby does not make you a woman” | celebrities

celebritiesAnouk received a lot of criticism after her message about trans women. The singer wrote on the new social media site Threads that people who do not have male genitalia are not automatically women. Many famous Dutch people also reacted with horror to Anouk, who shared that “cutting your own urine” doesn't make you a woman, “but it does make you a woman”, along with a photo of bloodstained toilet paper.

Anouk asked her followers: “Have I been canceled now?” The 48-year-old singer angered YouTube star Nikki de Jager, known as Nikkie Tutorials, with her comments. “The fact that one of the most humble and respected musicians in the Netherlands turned out to be a rude, transphobic ‘jazz player’ was not on my bingo card for 2024,” said De Jager, who has nearly 20 million followers. On Instagram, she expresses her anger at this method. By the term “terf,” De Jager refers to an acronym in English that means “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” and can be translated into Dutch as a radical feminist who does not see trans women. “As real women. We are a minority that wants acceptance. Simply leave us alone,” the YouTuber continues followed by a middle finger emoji.


Host Tim Hoffman also responds to the singer's message. “Then you sit on the toilet and contemplate for a bit, look back, think this is a good time to make fun of trans women, take a picture, post it all, and then sit contentedly and wait for Boulevard and New Show to call.”

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Nicky de Jager. © National Ports Agency

“It may not make you a woman biologically, but it can give someone a body that they feel comfortable and happy in,” says singer Davina Michele. Actor Jan Kooijman would like further clarification about the letter, but has not received it. He replies: “Anouk, what exactly do you mean?”

Anouk's spokeswoman said she would not comment further on the singer's statements.

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