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Six Days of Ghent Live: Leading World Champions, 4 Pairs in One Lap |  Lotto sang six days

Six Days of Ghent Live: Leading World Champions, 4 Pairs in One Lap | Lotto sang six days

This week, Kuipke in Ghent once again becomes the venue for the Lotto Six Days of Flanders-Ghent race. The Ghent Six Days is in its 82nd edition this year. We follow the most important news of the third day in ‘t Kuipke on this page.

stands up
points Tours
1. Juri Haavik/Jan Willem van Schip (Ned) 130
2. Lindsay de Vylder/Ruby Guess 161 +1
3. Fabio van den Bosch / Jules Hesters 120 +1
4. Vincent Hobysack/Philippe Heijnen (Ned) 117 +1
5. Roger Kluge/Theo Reinhart (German) 63 +1

  1. 00 hours. Dearne (2): Nice Belgium-Netherlands. Derney’s second series absolutely lives up to expectations. Lindsay De Vylder doubles the set, but is still closely followed by Yoeri Havik. The world champion is tickled, but he draws the short straw. .
  2. 11-17-2023.
  3. 23 hours 43. Elimination: solid trophy cabinet for dens. Belgium-New Zealand is a single-elimination final. Aaron Gate challenges Tuur Dens and is no match for the bullets in the latter’s legs. Dens loves his mouth. .
  4. 11 PM 17. Derney (1): Van den Bosch introduces the scene. Ghent loves tuberous series. Lasse Norman Hansen faces a big gap, but Fabio Van den Bossche accepts the challenge and ends his comeback in style – with the support of the crowd. Excellent timing! .
  5. 11pm 10. Fabio van den Bosch: “I’m having a good first few days: the feeling is good.”

    Fabio van den Bosch: “I’m having a good first few days: the feeling is good”

  6. 11pm 10. The Dutch and Lindsay De Vylder/Robbe Ghys remain our biggest rivals. . Fabio van den Bosch.
  7. 22 hours 46. Christoph Circo: “Here in Ghent we have a connoisseur’s audience.”

    Christophe Circo: “Here in Ghent we have a niche audience”

  8. 22 hours 43. Candidate for overall victory? I can’t get that. It doesn’t matter if the Belgian wins on Sunday. . Competition Director Christophe Sirko.
  9. 10:40 PM Team Race (1): The Germans join again. The first doubles race of the evening was once again very hot. You hardly see them on the sidelines and they hardly get any points, but Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhart continue to present themselves as podium candidates. The European champions have everyone in their arms. This brings the number of pairs after the round of Dutch leaders to 4.
  10. 9:47pm Track Course: Ghent is on fire. The central square is crazy. Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys completed the 166m quickly again. They finished the race with a time of 8’431 and, like every evening, convincingly won the track round.
  11. 21 hours 29. Team elimination: French success. In team elimination, the best players watch each other. They pick up the crumbs, but the flowers go French style with Oscar Nelson Julien and Valentin Tapillion. .
  12. 20:50 Points Race (2): De Vilder is first. Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder were a bit slow getting off the ground yesterday, but that’s not the case today. De Vylder wins the points race with the other pairs partners. The duo widens their points gap, which is always a big advantage if there is no separation in the rounds. .
  13. 8:35 PM Points Race (1). The leaders immediately picked up the thread. Robbe Ghys makes the attack at the end of the points race. He collected 11 points, but victory could no longer be stolen from Tim Thurn Teutenberg. Meanwhile, Juri Haavik and Jan Willem van Schip have finally completed their bonus round. They jump into the lead and are thus one lap ahead. .
  14. 5:44 PM The third day of the six days of Ghent. After tonight we are halfway there! Everything is gradually being prepared at ‘t Kuipke for the third day/evening of the six days of Ghent. Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder lead the standings, but there is no real separation from their biggest rivals yet. He is followed by Fabio van den Bosch/Jules Heesters and Juri Haavik/Jan Willem van Schip on the same tour. Furthermore, the Dutch will soon get an extra round if they cross the 100-point mark, meaning they will effectively top the rankings. .
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