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Slightly fewer children in Utrecht Heuvelrug receive full vaccinations |  De Cap News newspaper

Slightly fewer children in Utrecht Heuvelrug receive full vaccinations | De Cap News newspaper

Hill back The proportion of two-year-olds fully vaccinated has fallen slightly this year. In the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, 90.2% of two-year-olds were fully vaccinated this year, compared to 91% in 2020. There was an increase nationwide. Nationwide, 91.3 percent of children born in 2018 received all vaccinations from the National Immunization Program. In 2020, that was 90.8 percent, according to figures published by RIVM Posted Thursday.

The national immunization program includes injections against diseases such as whooping cough, measles and meningococcus. Until last year, the proportion of 2-year-olds who received all of these vaccinations has been declining. About four out of every hundred children have not been vaccinated against any disease from the national immunization programme. In the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, 6.4 percent of two-year-olds had not received any vaccinations, and in 2020 this figure was still 4.4 percent.

According to RIVM, the coronavirus measures appear to have had little effect on the number of children vaccinated. Read the letter from RIVM on national trends here.

On the map below, you can see for each municipality the percentage of 2-year-olds in 2021 and 2020 Fully vaccinated (who thus underwent the entire national immunization program). In the pop-up window (press the municipality of your choice) you will see the numbers for each type of vaccination (according to which diseases you protect children from), as well as the percentage of children who have not received any vaccination at that time.

Vaccinations are included in the vaccination program:
BMR> Vaccination that protects against mumps, measles and rubella. Babies who are 14 months old receive this vaccination.
DKTP> Vaccination that protects against four infectious diseases: diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and polio. The vaccination is given to children from 6 to 9 weeks of age.
Hepatitis B> Hepatitis B vaccination.
Hib> HiB vaccination. Babies are vaccinated from 6 weeks of age and vaccinations are repeated at 3, 4 and 11 months.
Meningococcus> Meningococcal C vaccination for 14-month-olds.
Ventilator> The pneumococcal vaccination is given three times. Babies receive their first pneumococcal vaccination when they are between 6 and 9 weeks old.

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