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Smarties, podcast by BNR, Androidworld and iCulture #8

Smarties, podcast by BNR, Androidworld and iCulture #8

The Smart Ones is a podcast originating from the collaboration between BNR, Androidworld and iCulture that discusses the exciting and above all fun world of technology. In this episode, we discuss the strategy of smartphone manufacturers in terms of advertisements and much more!

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Episode eight of the smart Connected. On the BNR, iCulture, and Androidworld podcasts we talk about the fun world of tech every week. We have a number of regular sections like ‘News of the Week’ and ‘Review’. In addition, every week we deal with a topic in an in-depth manner. The Smart Ones theme is not only limited to smartphones, but it will cover many other topics that belong to the world of technology. If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them in the comments.

Podcast hosts are Connor Clerks (BNR), Gonny van der Zwaag (iCulture) and Dimitri’s Suite (Android world).

#8 | Your smartphone is dead

Nothing lasts forever and your smartphone will also have to be replaced. When it depends on many factors: maybe you want a new one every year or do you get one from your boss? Research conducted on Androidworld has shown that many of us spend more than three years with our smartphones.

What about hardware, is it still enough? Then updates, not every supplier provides updates on their products for 3 years. We discuss this and much more in Episode 8 of The Smart Ones!

Here you can listen to The Smart Ones

You can listen to this podcast in your favorite podcast player, search for ‘smart’

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Smart Ones is an initiative of BNR, iCulture and Androidworld made possible by Bloks.