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Goedlachs en een knuffelbeer: dit is Cyriel, de nieuwe boer in ‘Boer zkt. vrouw’

Smiley and Bear: This is Cyril, the new farmer…

Cyriel is the new farmer in Boer zkt. Women’

Love is unpredictable. Before filming the new season of sees the farmer. Women Starting, the vegetable seller Thomas has already found a partner. The vacant place is taken by dairy farmer Cyril. According to VTM, he is a likable and cheerful young man, but the candidates will have to find out for themselves. After all, this season they can only see farmers after they have registered.

Can you fall in love with someone you have never met before? This will be the start of the new season of sees the farmer. Women. When the new season premieres at VTM, it will be announced later. Now the channel has introduced Cyriel (27), a dairy farmer looking for love. Together with his parents, he runs a farm with about 450 cows, 250 of which are milking. They also grow potatoes, grass, corn, carrots and sugar beets.

There is no need to worry about Cyriel’s future: he is not looking for someone who will necessarily take an active part on the farm. An important side note: you must understand that animals and crops always come first.

Blue eyes

Interested parties should rely on the description provided for Cyriel. “He has beautiful blue eyes and a very mischievous smile,” declares VTM. He has a positive outlook on life and loves to do active things like kite surfing, snowboarding, indoor soccer and mountain biking. He is a music lover and loves to listen to techno. On the small farm where he lives now, he sometimes organizes small “techno parties” with his friends.

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Smiley and a teddy bear: This is Cyriel, the new farmer in Boer zkt.  Women'
Cyriel has a farm with his parents where he grows carrots, among other things.

Cyril has been single for about two years now. In appearance he does not have a type, but is mainly looking for a person with an open mind and loves to discover new things. Anyone who thinks they might click with Cyriel can sign up via