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Snapchat comes with Layers: Memories on a World Map

Snapchat comes with Layers: Memories on a World Map

Snapchat (where daily Hundreds of millions of people can be found) will take its Snap Maps app to the next level. At least that is the intention of the classes. In the beginning there are two layers: Memories and Exploration. Memories represent memories on a world map and exploration is there to see around the world where a lot is shared.

Snapchat metaverse

Perhaps Facebook is working hard on the metaverse, Snapchat is doing exactly the same. It also seems that he wants to move more and more from an app to a platform, which is why the Snapchat map is now provided with several layers. One is very personal, the other is not at all.

Memories is there to display Snapchat users’ Memories on their Snap Map. Think of it like “memories from 5 years ago” on Facebook: You can see what I posted at the time. Only in Snapchat it mainly relates to where you have shared it, which is why it is displayed on the world map. You only see your memories, so others can’t see your memories, and you can’t see your friends either.

Explore Tabqa

Exploration is not at all personal. This is just an extra part on top of the heatmap. With a heatmap, you can see where several people are at the same time and Snap. Exploration builds on this by giving you the opportunity to “travel” to other places in the world. You can select a location and then you will see all kinds of photos and videos that others have taken. For example, you see certain cities through the eyes of many others.

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You can choose which layers you want to enable. Additionally, Snapchat itself plans to work with partners, for example, to add new capabilities within those layers. For example, there is a collaboration with Ticketmaster that Snapchat hopes to provide more information about, for example, concerts.

On vacation on social media

There is of course a lot to think about in terms of layers, but let’s get started now Explode, Explode With the most obvious. Especially now that we’re increasingly advised to stay home, it seems like travel is a little far away. With Explore, you can still do some kind of virtual visit to the city. Snap Map is your friend. If you prefer to keep it personal, you can use the same map to bring back your memories.

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