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Snow Patrol singer defends Ed Sheeran in plagiarism trial: 'This is disgusting' |  Music

Snow Patrol singer defends Ed Sheeran in plagiarism trial: ‘This is disgusting’ | Music

Sheeran and McDaid, along with co-author Stephen McCutcheon, are involved in a lawsuit against songwriters Sami Shukri and Ross O’Donoghue. They allege that Sheeran stole parts of her 2015 song “Oh Why” in her song “Shape of You”. Sheeran, McDaid, and McCutchen deny the allegations.

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In court on Wednesday, McDaid said he “strongly disagrees” with the claim that Ed Sheeran is “making someone else’s copyright infringement.” Talk more about exactly how the song turned out. According to him, it was a “frantic and fast process” in which all three authors “suggested ideas for melody and lyrics”. McDaid said the song was completed in a few hours and also had sweet lyrics for Sheeran: “He’s the fastest and most productive songwriter I’ve ever worked with.”

“The words ‘shape of you’ came from me,” Lamkedeid added, adding: ‘It’s an expression used in Derry, which is where I am. I’m objectionable and didn’t like “Love Your Body”, so I suggested your more abstract “shape”, despite both appearing in their final form in the song.” The process would take three weeks.

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