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Social Democrats European Parliament oppose the green label of gas and nuclear energy |  Economie

Social Democrats European Parliament oppose the green label of gas and nuclear energy | Economie

“Fossil gas contributes to climate change through carbon dioxide emissions and methane leakage. Nuclear waste is highly controversial in many EU member states. Its inclusion in the EU classification will not only pollute the environment, but also the efforts of the European Union To become an engine of sustainable growth a credible categorization requires science as the basis, not a behind-the-scenes policy among a number of EU leaders,” wrote Dutch MP Paul Tang.

Just before the New Year, the Commission announced its intention to add nuclear and gas to the list of green investments under certain conditions. This list, drawn up under the classification regulation, should guide investors towards green energy sources and contribute to the climate ambitions of the European Union. The European Union aims to become climate neutral by 2050.

The Social Democrats recognize that gas and nuclear power play a role in meeting demand during the energy transition. Therefore, they propose a new “orange” classification specific to gas and nuclear power. Their role will therefore be recognized without categorizing the two energy sources as sustainable.

Member states and members of the European Parliament have until midnight on Friday to provide their comments on the proposal. The committee will analyze those comments and then adopt the so-called authorization act. After that, the motion can only be blocked by a majority in the European Parliament or by at least 20 member states representing at least 65 percent of the EU population.

That seems somewhat unlikely, according to observers. Spain, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg opposed the proposal by letter. There is also criticism in Germany, especially regarding the inclusion of nuclear energy. There is less consensus on gas in the coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals in Berlin. In the European Parliament, the largest group, the Christian Democrats and Conservatives, voted in favor of the motion.

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