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Sonos is drawing the ire of users once again, and here’s why

Sonos is drawing the ire of users once again, and here’s why

Speaker manufacturer Sonos has once again drawn the ire of consumers. Last month they collectively complained about the new app update, but now the changed privacy policy is the cause of the furor.

Louis Rossman, consumer privacy attorney, Discover Sonos has removed an important sentence from its privacy policy. Previously, the text “Sonos does not sell personal information about its customers” was included in the terms and conditions, but that is no longer the case.

on Reddit You can read what everyone thinks about it. “This is absolute nonsense. If this was not part of your purchase when you made it, you can cancel now,” one response said. “Okay Sonos, enjoy the fact that you’re now a dirty brand. I’ll drop out,” says another. So the feedback doesn’t lie. People are very angry with Sonos.

Also in Europe?

Another frequently asked question is whether Sonos’ European privacy terms will also be amended in this way. However, this has not yet happened in the Netherlands. In the Sonos Dutch Privacy Policy It states in bold that the company does not sell customers’ personal data.

new update

Sonos’ decision is another decision in a short time that has consumers extremely angry. Last month they complained a lot about the new update to the Sonos app. Some functions, including viewing and playing music files on the NAS and creating new alerts, are no longer available.

Customers immediately turned to CEO Patrick Spence to complain. The Sonos CEO later admitted that there had been communication errors about the app update. After all the complaints, Spence enabled auto-reply on all his emails.

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