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Sony vermeldt "8K" niet meer op doos van PS5 en nu vraagt het internet zich af waarom

Sony no longer mentions “8K” on the PS5 and now the internet is wondering why

For some time now, the large 8K icon has no longer appeared on the PS5 console box and this raises a number of questions. The ultimate question is of course why Sony made the decision not to mention 8K anymore.

When the PS5 was just revealed, 8K was already being showcased. At the time, 4K was already pretty cool, so 8K gave the impression that the PS5 should be a very powerful console. However, thanks to the small print, it’s become clear that 8K resolution can be put into perspective.

The 8K code simply means that the PS5 is compatible with 8K displays and that in the future, a software update will also allow up to 8K output for the software that supports it. But in practice, this has been a fairly empty box so far.

Since then, nothing has really changed about Sony’s stance on the PS5 and 8K, but the fact remains that 8K sat on boxes for a long time and suddenly disappeared for a while. No official explanation has been given yet, but there are of course possible reasons being suggested here and there.

It’s possible that Sony is simply starting to find 8K technology too confusing or doing more harm than good because consumers have expectations that are too high to be met, regardless of the small details.

It is also suggested here and there that Sony deleted 8K for the regular PS5 and then reintroduced it for the PS5 Pro, in order to highlight the difference in power between the two consoles more clearly. The PS5 Pro is expected to be released later this year.

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