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Soon pets will be banned in Iran |  Instagram news VTM

Soon pets will be banned in Iran | Instagram news VTM

Breeding of pets and walking dogs will soon be banned in Iran. Various Iranian media reported this on Wednesday on the basis of a new bill in the Iranian parliament.

The law targets people who walk their dogs and wants to punish them with a hefty fine. Vehicles carrying dogs may be impounded for a period of three months. In addition, landlords will no longer be allowed to rent to people who have a pet.

In Islam, a pet dog is considered “impure”. According to the state, walking with dogs will cause panic among citizens. Iran draws the line for all pets.

The police had previously banned dogs, but that didn’t stop the Iranians from taking a four-legged friend as a pet. Now this is prohibited by law. However, experts don’t think the law will change much.

In recent years, more and more Iranians are taking a dog or cat as a pet, especially among young families. The number of veterinarians and pet shops has also increased, especially in the capital, Tehran.

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