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It regularly happens that many page views are sent from IP address to device information, more than usual – even for very large organizations such as KPN, tax authorities and various ministries. To protect ourselves from further inconvenience, we are blocking this request.

In most cases, this message will disappear after one minute.

Here are some common reasons:

  • Proxies, link checkers, or crawlers that are incorrectly configured and/or ignoring our robots.txt file
  • Overly enthusiastic feed readers who request an RSS feed every few seconds
  • Something on your keyboard that holds the F5 button (for example a cat or headphones)

In addition to the above reasons, misconduct regarding hardware information is also a reason for IP address blocking. This usually relates to issues such as hacking attempts or repeatedly harassing other users.

If you see this message longer and don’t know why, please email us. You can also email us for further questions or comments. Please send this to [email protected],
Also report your IP address: and this string: 23:45:24-350A.

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